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Query URL Parameters Web Appbuilder

Question asked by vellutini on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by Yue_Wu-esristaff


I am working with Web Appbuilder Developers Edition 2.0 and am trying to pass query parameter through a URL to select and zoom to a map feature.  I was able to get that to work with a map service containing only one layer by following the ESRI example query=<layer name>,<field name>,<field value>.


I also have a map service with several grouped layers and I want to query one of those.  The same ESRI help guide states: For  a sublayer in a group of map services, use <layer id_sublayer id>  as the layer id.  This is confusing to me and have tried many different variations but cannot get it to work.


My example is below, where the group layer id = Transportation_9858, the id of the layer (gates) I want to query = 3, followed by the field name, value.  I'm not having any luck with this and wonder if I'm missing something.  The app refreshes and everything come up minus the map.  Feel like I'm close.




Does anyone have experience querying a sublayer using this method?  If so I would love to know how you are doing that and what I might be missing.


Thanks in advance!