ArcGIS Earth: UI improvements

Discussion created by Alberto on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by jrflannery

Hi GeoNet Esri crew,

I've installed the last version of AGE 1.1 (great!) but still there are some important failings that I wonder if they'll be fixed in the next releases:

  • Viewer: scale bar missing
  • Measure Tool: copy the full path lenght (segm 1 + segm 2 + segm 3 + ....), not only the total path lenght
  • Measure Tool: copy the point coordinates where the click on the map occurs
  • Measure Tool: AGE crashes when I click on the copy button (64 bit, Windows 7)
  • Ability to label features
  • Ability to customize attributes popups


I've not uninstalled the Google Earth Pro, but hope to see very soon AGE be 100% better than GE.