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Query Widget: Searching Related Table but Rendering Graphic of Feature Layer with Results

Question asked by sethlewistempe on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by sethlewistempe

Using the OTB Query Widget is it possible to search a related table but render the results using the origin table/Feature Layer's graphics?


For example, if I have a point feature layer of businesses and a 1:M related table of business categories with X Business falling into A,B,C Categories, could a user directly query the related table (e.g. using a Unique Value dropdown to select Category A) and have all qualifying businesses drawn as if the user were querying the geometry table itself?


I've tried a limited version of this but the widget only returns a list of text results in the Query window. However, I may be overlooking a reference/configuration document somewhere.