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WebAppBuilder2.0 Problem with attribute table

Question asked by jknowles_EH on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by GIS_Solution

We have ags portal 10.4 with maps-services referenced from a clustered ags 10.3.1 stack.


I have created a webmap on our portal site, that references layers from our ags cluster (these layers have been registered on portal as items)

The above layers are all mapservices.

I am using webAppBuilder2.0 developer edition.


When I add the webmap as the map for my application, I leave all layer options checked on the layer list

widget options. I also have left the options for the attribute table as they are out of the box.


When I launch the the application from web app builder, open the layer list, and open attribute tables

they all open fine. The problems start when I close a tab for each of the individual layers, after the first

tab is closed, in Chrome debug console i get an error "Cannot read property 'className' of null".


The remaining tabs that are visible now display what appear to be two tables, with the second screen just off the bottom of the page. Selecting a record in this table, updates the number of selected rows correctly, but pressing the 'clear selection'

does not refresh the visible table, similarly moving the map appears to update the table that has dissapeared off screen.


Also more seriously when the last remaing tab is closed and I go back to open an attribute table from the layer list

I get an error of;


" TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null(…) "TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null' "


and nothing happens the loading spinner appears and the attribute table section is unusable/locked.


It would appear that there is a bug with the attribute table for webAppBuilder version2.0 ? Anyone else observed this ?


Fairly new to using this to web app builder. Version2 is the only version I have used, how do I go about raising this as a bug ?


I would like to use the enhanced search widget (eSearch) which is where I first noticed the issue with attribute tables, removing the eSearch widget and playing about with the out of the box attribute table leads me to believe there is a problem.