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What is the standart for BAG creation?

Question asked by anzhi_yelimbaeva on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Hello Dear GIS users.

Could you please advise with  question regarding  BAG file?

  1. We are starting work with BAG format. We have Fledermaus and ArcGIS. Input data is x, y, z gridded file (0.5x0.5 meters). We calculate uncertainty using special order, after that export to BAG. When we compare in ArcGIS GeoTIFF from Fledermaus and BAG from Fledermaus we can see shift between them about 60-65 cm (See attached file).
  2. What is the standart for BAG creation? I checked Fledermaus and CARIS software. And I have 2 different BAG files. Support team from QPS and CARIS tell me that is different method of grid creation. I can't understand why we have this difference and shifts, as I understand BAG file is format to exhange data between software.

Look forward