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Las-data as input to Bathymetry extension?

Question asked by annevo on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by annevo

Dear Forum.


Im new to raster and bathymetries.


What I can read I am able to register All ArcGIS Supported Raster datasets and point featureclasses with the Bathymetry extension.


However I have a lot of XYZ-data and would like to keep the details of the data and don't convert the data in to a point featureclass (los of performance and use of space) or a raster (los of flexibility?).


It seems to me that the LAS-format is quite flexible and as such I would like to convert my data in to this format. However LAS-data cannot be registered with the Bathymetry extension.


Is this misunderstood use of the Bathymetry extension or of the xyz-data.


What I would like to accomplish (probably with the Bathymetry extension) is to save my bathymetry data in a flexible, detailed format and be able to easily find and use those data.


Regards Anne.