Data Access Module vs NumPy: Summarise Table

Discussion created by Playa on May 17, 2016
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I'd like to find out what approaches the community have used to achieve similar results using either:


  • Data Access Module or;
  • NumPy


The following table (stats_table1) is my starting point:



I'd like to populate a new table (stats_table2) based on the following structure:


for each row in the first table:


  • stats_table2 [SETTLEMENTNAME] = stats_table1 [SETTLEMENTNAME]
  • stats_table2 [SOCIAL_FACILITY] = stats_table1 [NAME]
  • stats_table2 [TIME0_15MIN] = stats_table1 (((TIME5 + TIME10 + TIME15)) / TOTALBUILD)*100)
  • stats_table2 [TIME15 _30MIN] = stats_table1 (((TIME20 + TIME25 + TIME30)) / TOTALBUILD)*100)
  • stats_table2 [TIME30 _60MIN] = stats_table1 ((TIME60 / TOTALBUILD)*100)
  • stats_table2 [TIME60_PLUS] = stats_table1 ((TIME60P / TOTALBUILD)*100)


Final Results:




Data Access Module:

  • Would you use a Search Cursor to loop through stats_table1, perform the following calculations and write the results to a python dictionary, then use a Update Cursor to populate stats_table2


  • Would you convert the stats_table1 to a NumPy array, perform the following calculations and write the results into a temporary array and and back to a table to be appended to stats_table2


Any sample code or references will be appreciated as I originally was looking at nesting a Search Cursor with a Update Cursor, then realised it was a bad idea.