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ArcGIS online pop up issue when adding new layer to service

Question asked by GISUK_at_RWE on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by ppapadopoulosmarathondata-gr-esridist

Hi there,


I have a AGOL WebApp based on an AGOL Webmap that consumes an internal AGS service. I have pop ups configure for most of the layers in the WebApp.

As this is dynamic project, the service gets updated once in a while with a new layer. Whenever doing this, the new layer is properly visible in the WebApp - BUT all configured pop ups in AGOL (that are listed below the new layer in the TOC of the service mxd) gets mixed up and I have to configure them all again. Pretty annoying and time consuming job. It seems that the pop ups have a connection to the layer id of the service (which might change when you add anew layer to a service).

Has someone experienced the same issue and probably found a workaround/solution?

Thanks a lot and kind regards