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Batch processing of polygon to raster with multliple fields

Question asked by estev90 on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

I am attempting to create a script that will use the polygon to raster conversion in a batch processing function that creates multiple rasters based on different fields specified. I am wanting to do this for multiple feature classes within a folder. So far I have been able to get it to run for only one of the desired feature classes but not both.( There are two within the folder). Here is my script.

    import arcpy

    from arcpy import env

    #Set environment settings

    env.workspace = r"E:\GISC605GISDevelopment\Python Project\RivCounty"

    #Set local variables

    valField = ["TOTAL_PRO","OWN","COLLEGE_ED","Foreign","Per_INC2","TOTAL_25MI"]

    outRaster = r"E:\GISC605GISDevelopment\Python Project\RivCounty\Group"

    #List features

    fcList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()

    print fcList

   for fc in fcList:

       for field in valField:

           arcpy.PolygonToRaster_conversion(fc, field, outRaster+str(valField.index(field))+".img")