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How do i expand data display range in a map in ArcGIS

Question asked by kofilartey on Apr 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Hello All, I am working on interpolating rainfall erosivity data in ArcMap 10.1 using the Goestatistical interpolation tool. I have data covering 6 sites. What i am getting however using IDW, or local polynomial interpolation (PLI) or even Radial Basis function (RBF) does not fit in with the range of values used in the interpolation. And this is still the case when i changed the environment in the  geostastical analysis to max from the default mean. For instance while the maximum number from the table is 3100+, using any of the interpolation tools, even with max values gives a maximum of say 2,100 inn the map. My questions is how do i correct this anomaly to make sure the map display covers the range in the table. This is critical, otherwise the values in the map will not be a true reflection of the situation according to the data used in producing the table. I have tried using the mean, all and mini values and none seems to make much sense.