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HELP: Connected Replica sync fails "No support for this geometry type." 

Question asked by amy14 on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by roemhildtg

We use SQL Server 2012 and have ArcGIS.

I created a connected one way (Parent to child) replica from database A to database B.

It has been working fine, but the last sync gave me a "no support for this geometry type error".


I looked at the feature classes and didn't find any strange geometry issues.  I compressed, rebuilt indexes and analyzed the database as well.  It still would not work.


I kept the non-working replica and created a new replica (register exisitng data) and the new replica worked; however,

new changes in database A did not sync over (because I am registering exiting data).


What are my options in this scenario?

I would prefer not having to delete the existing data out of database B and then start over.  Database B has data syncing from several other databases.


Any help appreciated,

Amy Rose