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Login (Optional Feature) on Web Application

Question asked by on Apr 28, 2016
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I'm hosting a application, built with WAB, on an external facing web server. The application utilizes an AGOL web map that is shared to Everyone and contains numerous publicly available and unsecured web service layers. What I would like to do is add in some secured web services, which would be hosted on my own ArcGIS Server, and have an option for the end user to login and display the secured content; HOWEVER, I don't want the initial load of the web app to display the login dialogue. I'd rather it be an option that a user invokes.


Below are some details of my architecture/configuration:

  • Application hosted on external-facing web server, which is also my ArcGIS Server Web Adaptor
  • Internal ArcGIS Server, available through web adaptor server mentioned above. Services secured via AD users and/or security groups.
  • AGOL subscription configured with federated login access to our Active Directory.


How do I deploy this scenario?