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Changing Service Datasource programmatically

Question asked by nexiga_bosbach on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by jgough-esristaff

Hi everyone,

my Problem is that I want to create ArcGIS Services dynamic and therefore I need to change the data bindings of the mxd serving the service.

I'm able to create the service, to remove it and anything else, but i have no good idea how to change the bindings.

First I thought this could be done by the arcgis server rest api, but there is no method to change the data bindings of a service.

At the moment the only way I see ist to copy the template mxd for the service, publish it and when needed to do the following steps: stop the service, change the data binding of the service mxd with arcobjects and then restart the service.

So my questions is, is there a better way to change the binding?


PS: I don't want to change the binding and then publish the service, because this has to happen after a user action. So waiting to create a service is no option. I have to change the bindings on an already working service, to minimize the waiting time for users.


best regards

Sebastian Bosbach