Image field into repeat section with Survey 123

Discussion created by juanjose.pinoesri-es-esridist Employee on Apr 25, 2016
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Hi everyone!


We have an issue using the app Survey 123 that maybe you can resolve.

In our excel template we have two “repeat” sections that includes one “image” field per each one.


The aim is to let the field technician introduce several pictures with their customized description in the same section.

The issue is that once the picture is taken and the sample is sent to ArcGIS Online, that pictures included in the “repeat” sections are not shown in the feature layer as attached link. Unlike the rest of the images from the excel template that are off a repeat section and we can see as attached link into the feature layer.


Therefore we would appreciate to know if there is a problem including the images in this way, or there is any other way to Access to that pictures through the feature layer.


Could you give us any support in this topic?


Thanks a lot,


JJ Pino