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Using ITxActiveTrack

Question asked by wguidry on Apr 21, 2016

In 10.2, I noticed ESRI added new interfaces to support the new Track Manager capability in ArcMap, however I'm not finding documentation on how to use them programmatically in ArcObjects (i.e. no samples).


I have a temporal layer created in ArcGIS Engine and would like to use the ITxActiveTrack interface to follow one of the tracks in it, however when I do something like:


trackingEnvironment.DisplayManager.ManualUpdate = false;

trackingEnvironment.DisplayManager.AutoRefresh = true;

ITxActiveTrack activeTrack = trackingEnviroment.DisplayManager;

activeTrack.setActiveTrack("myTrackName", _hookHelper.FocusMap, myLayer);

activeTrack.Follow = true;


nothing happens on the map even when I move my track out of view. The TrackingEnvironment appears to be setup correctly since my tracks do appear on the map and are getting updated on screen, it's just not following the track.


Anyone from ESRI or anyone else using this capability that can help?