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How to use Kriging method for specific configuration of data for open channels?

Question asked by arn.mostaani on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by slynch-esristaff

I try to model the velocity of water flow in an open channel.I collected My data on the cross section of the channel and depicted as a point data (x,y are the coordinates of each point in the plane and z value is the respective velocity of water flow at that location).  When I visualized my data in arcgis, apparently I can see 4 clusters of points in my data. one of them is horizontal, two of them are vertical and there is one cluster of points in the center of my data cloud. (please find the configuration of my data here: So, I would like to know, if I can use Kriging Interpolation method for this configuration of data in order to estimate the unknown velocity values between the known points??  Thanks in advance.