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Local Layer Widget Questions

Question asked by THayes on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by rscheitlin

I am using Web AppBuilder Developer Edition 2.0.


I installed the LocalLayer Custom Widget. It works great!


I have some questions:


1) When you create a new app, under the Maps button, the default is the Delorme Topo Map, how do I choose a locally hosted basemap? must I create a basemap (using a locally hosted url) on AGOL first? or is there way to host all basemaps local on my internal server machine? (I know I can use Robert's fantastic Enhanced Basemap Widget, but there still remains the issue that at least one basemap must be an AGOL Web Map, whereas the other basemaps can hosted on my local server machine.)


2) Seems like the Operational Layers and Basemap Layers must be in the same projection otherwise you will get a coordinate system error message when you launch the app? I know with Flex you could have them in different projections?


3) If I want to limit the number of attributes visible in an Operational Layer, how would you recommend this be done? since all these layers are hosted on my local server machine, not AGOL. Should I do this in the MXD by turning off the fields?