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Migrating to 10.4 with VB 2013 - boolean cannot shadow a method declared mustoverride

Question asked by dalejs on Apr 18, 2016

Hi, do not know how to ask this question because I am not sure where the problem lays.


I am converting my applications to 10.4.  They are currently on 10.3 using VB2012.  I can upgrade to 10.4 in VB2012 after I set the .NET Framework to 4.5.  So that looks good.


Now the issue, I am trying to upgrade to 10.4 using VB2013 and I get the following errors.   On what information I can find I am still not clear on the problem.  I am pretty sure it is a VB2013 issue, but I just want to figure out is it a 10.4 or VB2013 issue.  And then what does it mean?


Error 1.  Class 'AddInStartUpProject' must either be declared 'MustInHerit' or override the following inherited ' MustOverride' member(s):  ESRI.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.AddInEntryPoint : Protected Friend MustOverride Function Initialiaze(hook As Object) As Boolean.


Error 2.  'Protected Function Initialize (hook as Object) as Boolean'
cannot shadow a method declared 'MustOverride'.


Thank you for your time.  Dale,