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Setting initial position on a widget

Question asked by erocha_tecgeo on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by rscheitlin


I’m trying to change default position of the Layerlist widget, but until now I didn’t have much progress. 
    - I tried set left value position into config.json;

    {             "uri":"widgets/LayerList/Widget",             "version":"1.4",             "id":"widgets_LayerList_Widget_17",             "name":"LayerList",             "label":"Lista de Camadas",             "index":3,             "config":"configs/LayerList/config_Lista de Camadas.json",             "openAtStart": true,             "position":{                "left":68               }          }
  • I Tried to modify in PanelManager and WidgetManager:

    if(pid === 'widgets_LayerList_Widget_17_panel'){                   options.position.left=68;                   console.log(options);                   console.log(this.widgetManager);                 }

    I just had a little progress setting in css “left:68!important”, but with this I lose a mobily of the widget as was to be expected, but I didn’t want this. :(