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ArcGIS Online Analysis Tool 'Find Similar Locations'

Question asked by KeeperOfAngels on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by KeeperOfAngels

I am trying to work with the 'Find Similar Locations' analysis tool in ArcGIS Online, and I have a question about 'Base similarity on' section:

The options that appear are only a small fraction of the fields within my database, and after a bit of comparing I have found that the fields all have a data type of 'Double'.  Is there a reason for this?  Is there a work-around or a way to have all fields show?  The returned options severely limit the comparison, and make the tool pretty much useless for me.


If all of the fields within my database were present this would be an awesome tool!


As always, thank you for any suggestions or insight in advance!  (I'm pretty sure that this time it's not user error, I could be wrong though...)


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