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Managing Service Feature Size

Question asked by KeeperOfAngels on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by KeeperOfAngels

I am struggling with maintaining a reasonable file size when creating a map service/feature layer.  I will begin with saying that I am very new to this, and have only been working with ArcGIS Online for a couple of weeks now.


I am creating a pgdb that includes my parcel base as a feature class.  This includes a set of data that has been requested by our appraisal staff so that they can perform different queries in a web application. After being published as a map service, the total size is 285Mb which is far bigger than I would like to have it since it is eating up 70 credits a month for storage.


Is there a simple way to compact this data?  I have tried using a zipped database, which compacts the data to 70Mb, but when it is used as a map service it returns to it's original 285Mb size.


Unfortunately I cannot attach the data due to it's contents.


As always, thank you for any suggestions or insight in advance!

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