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Chrome Not playing Audio in Map Tour

Question asked by vkemetbsl-bz-esridist Employee on Apr 8, 2016
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I have created a map tour in my AGOL and have added the necessary elements (pictures, auido). I am using the app ID of this application to reference in  my index file within the web server.


I have hosted the application files in my web server as I wanted to customize banner within the Map Tour. Within the index file I added an audio to sit on the Top Banner area and this works fine in chrome. The issue comes when I have to play the audio in the different tiles, Google Chrome is not playing those audio. I added these audio in the Map Tour within my AGOL and I am using the app ID to the index file.


Do I have to add the audio within the index for each thumbnail? Kindly assist.

You can view the draft of my application here: 

The Map Tour within my AGOL:


The tricky part is that all audios load using Mozilla and Internet Explorer. However, I need to sort out this issue and Google Chrome seems to be mostly used by our viewers.


I have opened the console of this application and have attached an image.


Any assistance would be highly appreciated.