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Web AppBuilder Query Widget Customisation

Question asked by mnorburyesri-ca-esridist Employee on Apr 7, 2016

I’m using the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition and have downloaded my application to the IIS folder on my laptop.


I’m now working to extend the Query widget.  This already has the ability to use a spatial filter based on a graphic drawn on the map by the user.  I’d like to extend it so that the user has the option toupload a zipped up shape file to use as a spatial filter.


At first I thought to use adata-dojo-type="dojox/form/Uploader", but then I found an example which uses a data-dojo-type="dijit/layout/ContentPane"and a <form enctype="multipart/form-data", then uses an‘on(dom.byId("uploadForm"), "change", function (event)’ tocheck for when then user has used the form to select a zip file.


Is it a case of trying to use either a"dojox/form/Uploader" or the method shown in this example when extending the Query widget, or should I somehow combine both?