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Can't add new related record in arcgis collector.

Question asked by jtharris74 on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by mbabinski1988

I am currently working the installation of an app for our work force that will to be able to add daily inspection reports at various locations around our city.  I have enabled all attachments within my layers of my service, and checked on all possible user executions of the it to create, update, sync, delete. etc... In Arcgis Online I can view my feature class and access my link to my related table just fine.  Of course you can not edit related tables in arcgis online.  So with Collector I am having an issue, while I can view all my related records and even delete and modify records within Arcgis Collector, I can not create a new related record when I hit the "new" tab at the bottom of my legend tab.   The "view" tab works fine and lets me delete or modify existing records, but I can not create one.  The tab will not even show the circling thinking activation when I hit it like the view tab.  What I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.