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Config.json shown instead of the setting UI

Question asked by PavelVeselsky on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by PavelVeselsky

I copied the setting page from the Demo widget and I try to adjust it to suit my widget. My config.json contains the configText variable and several others as well. When I open the config window for my widget in app1, I see only the config.json contents, not UI as for other widgets. I can edit the JSON code freely.


So far I found no way to use any more complex debugging options or even how to debug the settings.js through FireBug (I can debug Widget.js, which works), so I can't confirm that the setting code is not even loaded, but it doesn't seem to respond to changes in my setting.js or setting.html files. The files seem to be on their places (config is read from WAB/server/apps/6/configs/MyWidget/config_MyWidget.json and the widget from WAB/server/widgets/MyWidget/), though I might have forgotten to check something. The setting code is exactly like in the Demo widget, except I renamed baseClass from jimu-widget-demo-setting to jimu-widget-my-widget-setting.


What else can I do, and especially, why do I get the json instead of the UI?


Full disclosure: I've reposted this from