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Cannot use Visual Studio 2015 to debug python script

Question asked by my282539028 on Apr 5, 2016

Hi all,


I'm trying to use visual studio 2015 as my debugger for ArcGIS. However, I cannot even initiate Visual Studio to debug scripts. Here are my settings:

I've tried many scripts but I keep getting the error message like this:


ERROR 000714: Error in script FeatureType.

Error in executing: cmd.exe /C E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe C:\Users\Ruoyu\DOCUME~1\VISUAL~1\Projects\CONDIT~1\CONDIT~1.SLN


Failed to execute (FeatureType).


My script is:



1. Set debugger


2. Copy my script (.py file) to visual studio project folder and set this file as my startup file.

3. Add this script to toolbox, and set the script file to the .sln file in my project folder.


4. Right click this script in toolbox and debug, but get error message:



I'm confused why this keeps happening and really hope I can get some help from you guys.