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Search or Query Widget for Configurable Template?

Question asked by sbyrne on Apr 5, 2016

Hi there. I'm kind of new to web development so bear with me while I try to explain what I'm looking for.


I've built an app in Web AppBuilder Developer edition 2.0 which I have exported as a template, hosted on my web server, and shared with my organization through Portal. (I would provide an example link, but this is all hosted on our intranet.) My goal was to provide an easy-to-use starting point with some useful third party widgets for the GIS folks in my department to use with whatever web maps they have made via Portal to share with the non-GIS users elsewhere in the organization. It's working great except for the search feature.


Our end-users are going to want to be able to search for attributes to zoom to specific shapes in whatever data layers are in the web map behind the app. Because I expect the layers to be different and unpredictable from web map to web map, I can't really build that in at the template level, I don't think. What's the best way for me to give control over layers to search and search fields to the web app author who is using my template? Is there a widget out there that would search all attributes of all layers loaded into a map, perhaps? Or a widget that would expose the layer and search field components in such a way that so they could be set to configurable parameters when I export to a template from WABD?


My template does use the attribute table widget and I know the end user can create a filter through the table, but I'm afraid it's not user-friendly enough for my end point users.


Thanks for your patience and any help.