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WAB Dev 2.0: How to get layer names for Attribute Table widget to be read from config file

Question asked by brESRI on Apr 4, 2016
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In WAB Dev 2.0, how can I get names for layers shown in Attribute Table widget to be read from the Attribute Table config file:


\WABdev_2.0\server\apps\#\configs\AttributeTable\config_Attribute Table.json


Now, I apparently have no control over the names of layers in Attribute Table widget.  For some layers, but not all, unwanted strings (usually consisting of one or more instances of the layer "id") are appended to layer names (shown in red on attached image).  Even for layers without this erroneous name, I must change the layer names for the Attribute widget for various reasons.




The app in the image uses the custom LocalLayer widget to add layers, but the same issue occurs when AGOL Web Maps are called instead.  The same issue occurs in WAB apps made in AGOL (without using WAB Dev edition).


Any help or ideas would be appreciated.  My services are published using ArcGIS for Server 10.4.


Thanks in advance.