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Overlapping points in graphics layer - ArcGIS JSAPI

Question asked by on Apr 5, 2016

I am displaying 911 incidents in a web application using ArcGIS javascript API. Each graphic is created dynamically  and added to a graphics layer on the map.  I am doing this because the incidents are not being stored in a esri layer or feature class, just a plain table with x,y coordinates. The problem  is that there are many points that overlap either because they have the exact xy or they are close enough.

I would like to show an icon with a count when the points overlap or are too close. When the user clicks on the icon, the infowindow should page through the overlapping graphics.  I am aware on the point clustering layer widget available, but that layer is very limited, for instance you can only represent a single graphic with one symbol.  I would like to represent each graphic with a symbol based on an attribute.