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Deleting AGOL hosted feature service objects and related attachments

Question asked by snaperski on Apr 4, 2016
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I was using python ArcREST script (modified GitHUB example) to delete certain objects from feature service in a following way:

fst = featureservicetools.featureservicetools(securityinfo)


fst.DeleteFeaturesFromFeatureLayer(url=fs_url, sql=sql,chunksize=2000)

The deletion was successful and a good bunch of features were indeed deleted, this could be verified by looking on the webmap.

However, after some days I checked our organizational account and noticed that the use of credits was still the same although the quite a few deleted features had a good load of picture attachments with them - I assume they were deteted too??? If not, then why I see our organization still using the same amount of credits per day? After all that was the main reason to delete those older fieldwork objects (with picture atatchments), to free some credits and space...


Raivo Alla

Estonian Land Board