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Dynamic domain based on a feature class?

Question asked by ewesche on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by Politi_Martin

I am trying to create a dynamic domain based on a feature class..


I have a geodatabase with two feature classes, lets call them "object location" (OL) and "parking areas" (PA). OL is basically a point layer with an attribute "object name" (ON). This table thereby lists all object names.

I want to give the editor of the data the possability (when creating new parking areas) to select from a list, what object this parking area belongs to. Now, it is easy to create a static domain based on all the values in "object name" (ON), and thereafter assign that domain to the correct attribute in PA. The problem however is that i want the list to be dynamic. By this I mean that the editor should be able to create a new OL, thereafther create a new PA and be able to connect it to the OL he just created.


In other words, i want the domain assigned to PA to retrive its values NOT from the list we created out of the values from OL, but directly from the ON attribute it self. Alternatively from a list that somehow gets uppdatet every time we create a new OL. (This should also work in the opposite matter, so that if I delete a OL, then it will no longer appear in the domain list.


Anny takers on how this can be done?


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