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Synchronize externally changed database with feature service in Portal

Question asked by PolizeiBremen on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by PolizeiBremen

Hello everbody,


I am stuck with synchronizing a hosted feature service in my organization's Portal.



ArcGIS Server, Portal and Oracle-sde are placed on the same virtual server. AGS ist registered as hosted server on Portal, sde is registered as managed database on AGS. AGS and Portal are updated to 10.4.


I am able to publish a feature service as hosted service based on a feature class from sde, integrate this one into a web map and build a web app based on the web map.


Now, I want to change the featureclass within the database externally (load more / delete certain features from script, manipulate database columns with sql, ...) AND have these changes directly synchronized with my feature service and, thus, see the effects of my database changes immediatly in the web app without explicitly overriding the feature service from my mxd.


Is this possible?


The feature class has Global-IDs and versioning is enabled. In my current service configuration only Feature Access (Query, Update and Sync are activated) is enabled.


Any ideas?