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Create Point and Spatial Join From Geocoding Results

Question asked by optimistpark on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by optimistpark

I am trying to attempt real-time spatial analysis after either geocoding or reverse-geocoding an address. I want to be able to put in an address into my address locator and, as soon as it finds a match, it automatically assigns X/Y coordinates to that location and begins a spatial analysis of any underlying layers associated with it.


I know that in ArcMap (I am using 10.4) you can right-click on the address in the Geocoding toolbar and click "Add Point", but this is point seems to be stored in memory and not in any table, shapefile, or feature class. I need to be able to do quick analysis and have the output of that analysis put into a table.


Does anybody know how I can get started on this? I need to be able to do this from an address locator shared as runtime content, so I can't perform the geocoding function from within ArcMap.


Thanks for any and all help.