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Setting up new GIS team Help

Question asked by navjotkaur on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by MidnightYell2003

@@Hello everyone! I am trying to set up a team of 2 GIS analysts for a Non-profit organization need expert help in deciding different long term aspects to maintain or manage GIS data do's and don't or any in general view point or advice anybody has to share from experience.

To give you a little background. Currently we use shape files and attach tables on the go for mapping. We create maps for publications. All our data is either census or Foil data that we get from city departments and is in stand alone files. we use Stata to analyze the data and create tables that we save as excel files and attach to shape file for different mapping purposes. And for future we want to move towards web mapping as well. we have ArcGIS server and i am working on ready to use applications for web mapping and then move towards customization.

My main questions are looking at current scenario and future requirements how should we approach data storage (Geodatabases?) for long term considerations.

Anything that can help with more smoother web application development and web map sharing ?

And any steps towards ready to use maps for analysis by rest of the team who don't want to dig in deep into GIS.

Any others things to consider?

Your personal experience? problems faced? successes?

any information on the above aspects is greatly appreciated!



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