Elevation Data Missing In Contours

Discussion created by ForgeSouth on Mar 21, 2016
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Hi Everybody,


I have been pulling my hair out for 3 days on this issue and I desperately need some help!


I am designing a house in Revit and want to use the contour data from real world locations to add context to the house. However, this is not working in ArcGIS...

I have downloaded a TIFF file from the USGS which I have then imported through "Add Data" in ArcGIS. I then re projected the data to UTM (I noticed earlier that when exporting to CAD without this there was no scale data), and I thought this would fix the elevation issue, but it didn't.


I have successfully created the contours, but when I run the Add CAD Data tool, the dataset for everything reads Null. Exporting to CAD the scale is perfect but there is no 3d elevation, it is all just lines on a 2d surface.


I have been reading everywhere and they all say use the georeferencing "Calculate Fields" tool, but I have no clue at all how to use it! I have no idea what calculations or anything I would have to enter to get the z data into elevation. It also seems that ArcGIS is not recognising any elevation info in the TIFF. I have no coding experience and no idea how to enter what is required in the Calculate Field area.


I have run the TIFF in GlobalMapper and generated contours and it works absolutely perfectly, no missing data in AutoCAD or Revit at all.


Please PLEASE can somebody help and put me out my misery!


Thank you!