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Edit TIN

Question asked by tylerfowler on Mar 18, 2016


Very rookie user here asking a kind of odd question i am sure.


I am performing a viewshed, and have sucessfully gone from orthometric lines, to tin, to raster, made observation points, and finalized the viewshed sucessfully.


A twist is that we need to add vegetation to the existing surface.  I have a polygon .shp file for this vegetation.  And we were directed to simply have a vegetation height of 15 m for the canopy elevation.


How do i drape the vegetation, and add the 15 m as required.  Meaning i was hoping to be able to use the "edit TIN" feature, with a field of 15 for each polygon and have that interpolate above the existing surface.


Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help an idiot.