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Label expression

Question asked by TomasLoostrom on Mar 18, 2016
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I need help with Label Expression.

I am using a VBScript to get the name of a building (it can have double name like NÄS GANS) from TRAKT and the the number of the building (1:12 or something like that). I do not want to print out the first part of the name, in the case above GANS. The code works fine, except when a building has not got a double name (NÄS), then nothing is printing.


Function FindLabel ( [TRAKT], [BLOCKENHET] )

  FindLabel = "<CLR red = '255'>" &Split(  [TRAKT], " ", 2)(1) & "</CLR>" +" "+ [BLOCKENHET]

End Function

I have attached an image to make myself understandably:)

Please could anyone help?


Best regards,

Tomas Looström