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Shapefile attribute table from ANSI to UTF

Question asked by VojtaBlazek on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by VojtaBlazek

I've got problem.

I made a polygon shapefile..., in attribute table are czech diacritics (like Třebonín).

When I zip the shapefile and upload to arcgis online -> characters with czech diacritics turn into  Tøebonín etc.

I know whats going on, when I uploading  a csv file --- I encoded the file in notepad ++ to utf 8 and everything works perfect.

In this case if I encoded dbf file then the  shapefile says is broken. I read this topic (encoding - How to encode shapefiles from LATIN1 to UTF-8? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange ) but if I use Qgis its doesnt work with ArcMap or Online.


Its some easy way to turn into UTF?


Thanks a lot