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Creating composite locator without packing data with it

Question asked by phanmore on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by phanmore

In ArcGIS Server 10, we publish several individual locators (postal code, road, parcel) but also published a composite locator which included all the individually published locators.  Since the composite locator was just a pointer to the other locators it published just fine.

In 10.2.2 though the publishing process is very different.  For all our services we are creating service definition files (.sd) to publish from.  One of the options when creating the .sd file is to Include data in service definition when publishing.  Since we are publishing the individual locators already, it is a waste of resources to publish the same locator data a second time so I have been trying to create the .sd file without including the data.

When I go to publish the service though, it fails with an error 001487 - saying it can't update the server-side data location.  I have created a data store that matches up the publisher directory with the server directory - this works fine for creating the individual locators without including their data in the .sd file.  The problem seems to be that Server can't figure out that the data for the individual locators has already been uploaded and installed correctly.

Is it not possible to create composite locators in the way we did in 10 - simply pointing the composite at existing individual locators?  Is it just a matter of adding an additional data store configuration?  I would rather not have to run multiple copies of the exact same locator, just to be able to include them in a composite locator.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.