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From *gdb to *.gml ( each attribute seperate)

Question asked by tjeerd.bruijn_BAM on Mar 10, 2016


I have the following question and I’m looking for information


Goal:  I need to export my features  from an *.gdb to an  *gml file.

With the following conditions:

  • Each attribute need to become 1 separate gml file;
  • The name of the *.gml need to be unique and need to come out of the attribute table;
  • We do have the data interoperability license;


Is there a way to build this in for example  modelbuilder ?   If this is possible, wich steps do I need to
take to reach this goal?

For example:


We have a point-feature class called Treetypes:

ID |  NAME |

1  |  Oak     |

2  |  Fir       |

and so on....


Now each attribute need to become 1 gml file.

gml file 1 :   Oak_1.gml

gml file 2:     Fir_2.gml

and so on.....


I hope you can help me.  Thank you in advanced for you time.