spooky arcpy wildcards

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>>> arcpy.ListToolboxes()

[u'3D Analyst Tools(3d)',

u'Analysis Tools(analysis)',



>>> [i for i in arcpy.ListToolboxes() if i.endswith('analysis)')]

[u'Analysis Tools(analysis)']

So far, everythings looking good.

You may think: Ok,  it's little bit complicated. Why don't you use wildcards?

>>> arcpy.ListToolboxes( '*analysis)' )


No string ends with "analysis)"??. Did I missed something?

>>> arcpy.ListToolboxes( '*)' )


UUPS!! No string ends with ")".  Should I call my ocoulist  ??

>>> ap.ListToolboxes('*analysis')

[u'Analysis Tools(analysis)']


Parenthesis are for ArcGIS "signs non gratia": Good enough for printing but not grand enough to receive attention by nobly arcpy-wildcards. But, thanks God!, my beloved core Python is a democratic Python and it's more logical.