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Install Portal without SSL

Question asked by minerjoe Champion on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by pk_davidson

I am installing Portal internal to a domain.  Because it is all internal there is no need for SSL.

I am finding it almost (if not completely) impossible to configure Portal without SSL.  Within Portal itself on the security page I have unchecked the 'Allow access to the portal through HTTPS only.'


The issue seems to really be with WebAdapter.  When I go to register the Portal with Web Adapter I give it the address:

http://mymachine:7080  (instead of 7443).  This works for doing the registration, however, when it registers the Portal it still gives it the Url:  https://mymachine/arcgis/homeWhat I want is the Url to be: http://mymachine/arcgis/home.


So no matter what I do it will send me to the SSL port when I try to connect.  Which then give a certificate warning


When I install WebAdapter I tell it to use Port 80.


Using version 10.4 of Server, Portal, WebAdapter


Is it possible to get this working with everything on Port 80.  I find it really annoying the esri wants me to add a level of security which is not needed and requires I either install a Windows domain Cert Authority (a complete pain), get a public certificate (expensive and requires I use public names inside my domain), or live with cert warnings (which means users call the help desk constantly).