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Routing Exception

Question asked by on Mar 3, 2016



I need to get a route and directions between two points on a map. I have created a Runtime Content that includes a Network Dataset. The route will solve without using directions, but when I set ReturnDirections to true, I get a message that the Directions Time Attribute is invalid.


Directions have been set up in the Network Dataset


Here is what the Directions tab looks like:


Directions Ready: Yes

General Directions:

Display Length Units: Miles

Length Attribute: Miles

Time Attribute: Seconds


Here is a code snippit:



LocalRouteTask routeTask;

routeTask = await Task.Run<LocalRouteTask>(() => new LocalRouteTask(runtimeGeodatabaseNetworkPath, "STREETS_ND"));


var routeParams = await routeTask.GetDefaultParametersAsync();

routeParams.OutSpatialReference = MyMapView.SpatialReference;

routeParams.DirectionsLengthUnit = LinearUnits.Miles;

routeParams.ReturnDirections = true;

// If I set ReturnDirections to false it works

//routeParams.ReturnDirections = false;


var stopGraphics = new List<Graphic>();






//Exception happens on this line

var routeResult = await routeTask.SolveAsync(routeParams);


// Exception is : {"Invalid directions time attribute: '{0}'."}