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Python arcpy.InsertCursor Does not work in SDE

Question asked by jsn on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by xander_bakker

Hello everyone,


I am running the Python code below first pointing to an SDE layer and then pointing to a FGDB layer and in the first case after the program finish nothing gets inserted in SDE. It works in the FGDB.


The layer in SDE is not versioned.


I can Append layers from the FGDB to SDE using:  arcpy.Append_management(


What am I missing?


curAppend = arcpy.InsertCursor(WASDAGREEMENT_D)


  rowAppend = curAppend.newRow()
  rowAppend.SHAPE = rowYesterday.SHAPE
  rowAppend.AGMID = rowYesterday.getValue("AGMID")
  rowAppend.DIGIBY =  rowYesterday.getValue("DIGIBY")
  rowAppend.DIGIDATE =  rowYesterday.getValue("DIGIDATE")
  rowAppend.STATUS =  rowYesterday.getValue("STATUS")
  rowAppend.REQUESTED =  rowYesterday.getValue("REQUESTED")
  rowAppend.PNAME =  rowYesterday.getValue("PNAME")
  rowAppend.PLOCATION =  rowYesterday.getValue("PLOCATION")
  rowAppend.PDESC =  rowYesterday.getValue("PDESC")