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ArcMap crash when switching servers (Oracle 10g to 11g)

Question asked by SMcCann1 on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by s.jaquemarmysynergis-esridist

Our company is switching from an Oracle 10 g to Oracle 11 g database.  Currently we have an arcsde connection but for Oracle 11g datasets.   ArcMap users (both individual and shared licenses) will be connecting to the database using direct connect (ESRI).  The last time we switched server addresses a bug arose when the old server ip address was decommissioned. It makes absolutely no sense because ArcSDE had been switched off on the server for several months.  However it created an error across multiple users and projects - 'failed to open mxd' as the project continued to look for the old server and then crashed.  Any one have a similar problem or better yet a solution to help us avoid this happening again.