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Disease mapping and application standards

Question asked by bensperry on Mar 2, 2016

I am a medical entomologist with expertise in GIS. It seems that there are many sources for disease information, some very well developed, but these sources are not compatible with each other. I think there is a need for standardization and documented best practices in disease mapping and operations so that  information and data can be universally shared.


A specific example is the Zika epidemic. There doesn't seem to be consistent communication between field workers, decision makers, and researchers; each have their own vendors and systems many of which are not compatible with each other. This is a handicap in coordination and ultimate control of the disease.


I have been tossing around the idea of organizing a consortium of academic and industry leaders in entomology to establish standards and best practices but I am not sure if there is already somone doing this.


Does anyone know if there are any standards in place for disease mapping and application? Is there already a group working on establishing standards?


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