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CPU utilization high

Question asked by flafone on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by tpcolson

We're running our 10.3.1 ArcServer installation on two Hyper-V's that are clustered at the ArcServer level.  We've pushed all of our imagery services to its own VM with 16gb of RAM and 2 virtual CPUs running at 2.5ghz each.  Our RAM utilization is fine at around 40-45%, but our CPU utilization goes through the roof from time to time.  I have one imagery service that takes between 45-55% of the CPU from time to time.  The total CPU utilization will be around 95-98%.  The only thing this VM is doing is running these services.  Users are complaining that service is slow.  I'm assuming (perhaps erroneously) that the speed users are experiencing is related to the high CPU usage.


I've googled around and all I can find is information to ArcServer 9.3 or 10.0.  Can anyone give me any idea of what I might be able to do to fix this problem?  Do I throw more virtual CPUs at it?