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ParentRowID not populated in Repeats Related features/objects

Question asked by puuri on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by ichivite-esristaff

I also posted this question over in github in case this is an issue.  I have built a form in Survey123 Connect containing a Repeats section.  When I publish my form, a feature service is created with a (feature) layer and a table as expected.  When I examine either the layer or table in the REST endpoint, both show the relationship class between the two, also as expected.  When I complete a form using the Survey123 app and submit, I get a single feature corresponding to the location where I filled the form, and I also see the same number of records in the table corresponding to the number of repeat sections that were completed, again as expected.  However, the relationship class between the features and table records cannot be traversed, or viceversa.  For example, I can add the feature service to a web map, click on the feature to invoke the popup, and when I click on the link to view related records (meaning the popup recognizes the presence of a relationship class), the response is 'No related records'.  What I have noticed is that the field ParentRowID in the related table, presumably the foreign key, is always empty.  Back over in the corresponding feature, the RowID is always filled in with a value.  Based on what I have described, is this expected behavior, operator error, or possibly a software issue?  Thanks for any insight that anyone can provide.