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Query Feature Class Service - Portal display

Question asked by GarethPullar on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by GarethPullar

Hi  All

I am new to arcgis and i have tried to use the right terminology.


I have a Query Feature Class consisting of Polygons and points referrencing a non-geodatabase that I have published as a service via arcmap (10.3.1). This service appears to have published correctly and when querying the layer directly via a browser everything appears to work correctly, as it does inside arcmap prior to publishing.


When I import this into a map in arcgis - portal the service displays as I expect the polygons are projected over New Zealand as expected.


However when I use the data table in the map and "centre on selection" from the table drop down the map zooms to Italy when the polygon was displaying on New Zealand, with a blue outline of the shape I have selected. I have attached a couple of images showing the behaviour.


This is strage as when I import the service the polygon itself displays correctly as does the popup. This behaviour also appears using the query object in the web app builder. It only seems to appear on service based from queries and not when i publish the service via a file-geodatabase.


Has anyone seen this behaviour before?