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Google Sheets data disappearing from Web Map

Question asked by FracTrackerAlliance on Feb 29, 2016

I have a project that draws data from Google Sheets, which was published to the web as a .csv.  It works for the most part, however, when I want to make changes to the settings in the Web Map, the data often do not appear at all, both on the map and legend.  As long as I don't save changes, this appears to be ok, and the Web Mapping Application that I shared with my client continues to function.  But as mentioned, I can't make changes to the Web Map when this happens, plus I am worried about this in general, because it seems very unstable.  The last seven or eight times that I tried to open this map, this behavior occurred.  During the original construction of the map, this happened once, and I had to add the data over again, and reconfigure symbology and popup boxes, etc, which is really not ideal.


Altogether, the map is showing fewer than 200 point features.  Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?  Is there any remedy?


Edit - Perhaps this is an incompatibility with Chrome?  I tried logging in using IE and was able to access the Web Map as expected.